Thursday, March 26, 2009

Driving Tips

  • Don’t turn curves at high speed.

  • Be very careful while overtaking and changing lanes.

  • Overtaking at night is very dangerous. Try to avoid it.

  • Use high headlight beam only very necessary.

  • Drive at a safe speed.

  • Don’t make sudden stops and hard steering.

  • Carry all necessary documents like Registration Book, Insurance, Tax Certificate, Pollution under Control Certificate, Driving License etc

  • Keep all necessary medicines in first aid box

  • Service the vehicle as per the maintenance schedule

  • Periodically check for engine oil level, coolant, wiper water and brake oil

  • Make sure that all electrical equipments in the car are working properly

  • Avoid continuous driving take rest at least every four hours during long drives

  • Use Clutch only necessary. Don’t use it like a foot rest.

  • *Avoid night driving and if it is really necessary to travel then don’t choose an unknown area as there are chances of getting lost in the dark and invisible roads. Also, most of the crimes against women have been reported at night.

    *Accompany someone while driving. Travelling alone is also little risky for women because if suddenly any emergency occurs, they will fall into an unmanageable situation.

    *Intelligently planning the route in advance is a safe and economical idea as it saves fuel as well as reduces the possibility of getting misguided on the way.

    *Check the tyres for inflation as low air pressure can increase fuel consumption and also increase the risk of tyre burst in the middle of the journey. Bulging and flat tyres can also lead to crash as it creates major hindrance in braking.

    *Investigate the wheel alignments once in four months as properly aligned tyres controls the wear and tear of tyres and further provides a silky smooth drive.

    *Use high grade of oil as low grade oil not only create problems in the engine functioning but also often damage the engine.

    *Get the car serviced at regular intervals by professionals and at reputed car dealerships before planning a long trip. The free and cheap offers at small garages may be light on pockets but in long run can cause an immense damage to the car. Do proper home work about the car’s requirements before stepping into a garage. Prioritize the needs if at once all the tuning cannot be done.

    Always keep a mobile phone in the car so as to communicate to service centres or to relatives and friends to inform of the breakdown in case of sudden car failure.

    It is advisable to keep an emergency kit, food, and water in the car every time. In case the car breaks down, they will be available in hand and one need not to walk out of the car in search of these items.

    It’s always good to take lessons from car repair classes to handle the basics problems like tyre changing, trouble shoot battery problems and others.

    It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that allow easy movement to ensure better hassle free driving. Tight fitting attires like skirts hinder the movement of the leg while stepping out in case of emergency.

    Drive at standard speed to avoid engine overheating. Over-revving, energetic braking, and harsh acceleration also create problems in the engine so use the correct gears to shun these problems.

    Check if the car is overloaded or cluttered as they increases the fuel consumption and also causes poor handling of the car.

    Clutch, brake, and gears should be pressed only when needed. Don’t put brake in the middle of the road if not required.

    Keep an eye on the instrument panel while driving to track the fuel level, distance covered, mileage, and speed of the car.


    1. Recommend you add:
      Keep an eye on the instrument panel while driving to watch the engine temperature on the temperature meter or engine trouble light, especially if you live in a hot area. That way you can spot the problem before the engine overheats.

      I lost an engine that way once when I was still a reasonably young driver. Didn't see the problem till steam and smoke were coming out the back of the car and slightly out of the hood, but I was driving down the highway at high speed and the smoke went behind not up because of the wind from high speed travel.

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